For Sale: A Dozen YouTube Channels with 4M+ Subscribers

Now that is 100% focused on our email newsletter, we’re looking for a new home for the following channels on YouTube. If you’re interested in discussing a deal, please ping me at this form.

My plan is to auction them off on May 1st if we don’t find a buyer by then.

It’s just amazing how much these channels have grown! My guess is that it would cost $1 to gain each subscriber we have on these channels (between content and marketing cost) — and three to five years.

The sale would include all of the videos and related IP.

SWAT Team Member Faces Off Against a Wall

A member of the SWAT team gets in the way of a door flying off its hinges.

swat wall

Vicious Women's Soccer Match

BYU and New Mexico State‘s women’s soccer match featured a lot of dirty play.

girl soccer fight

Filipino Inmates Perform Their Newest Dance

The Filipino prison inmates who gained fame with their Prison Thriller Video are back with a dance number to Queen songs.


William Shatner Reads Levi Johnston's Tweets

Actor William Shatner reads Twitter posts from Levi Johnston in beat poetry style on The Tonight Show.


Drunk Man Opens A Bottle of Wine With His Shoe

A man in France uses his shoe to bang a bottle of wine against a wall to get the cork off.

drunk wine

Daughter Doing a Report on Her Dad in Iraq Gets a Big Surprise

A fourth grade girl was gives a school presentation about her father in Iraq before she gets the surprise of her life.

iraq dad

Ninja Assassin Trailer Redone With Legos

The trailer for the upcoming film Ninja Assassin redone entirely in Legos.

ninja assassin lego

"Male Prima Donna" From The Office

A music video performed by the characters Kelly, Erin and Andy from The Office. Their group is called Subtle Sexuality and the name of the song is Male Prima Donna.

the office video

Christopher Walken Reads Lady Gaga's Poker Face

Actor Christopher Walken does a dramatic reading of Lady Gaga‘s Poker Face on the BBC show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

walken ga ga