Cute Overload!!!

Our puppies made the greatest website ever: cute overload.

My life’s work is now done. 🙂

Dylan on Human Powered Search…

my brother just sent me this…..

I have some comments on the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia

I have some thoughts, but I don’t talk politics. I find talking about political issues on a blog is sort of meaningless… there are so many trolls out there who just polarize the issue.

So, let me ask my core readers: would you even want to hear what I think of something like this? I get the sense that the folks who read my blog don’t care what I think of these issues…. but who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe folks would be interested in what I have to say.

Frankly, I could take or leave talking about politics… at a cocktail party I usually walk away when people start their arguments over it. Also, opening up this side of my thinking, which is still private (unlike say my business thinking), is opening me up to a whole legion of headaches. Maybe it’s best to just leave it alone.

Comments open for 24 hours.

The top pages on Mahalo today… (plus puppy lovin’)

…. and now, the top 50 pages on Mahalo today. Some trends with how two and internet memes, but truth be told it’s early, and these are just the top pages (no searches), so you can’t read into these too much (i.e. one link or twitter about a page can put it on this list).

How To Articles are obviously a big winner…. if you know anyone who wants to work from home writing how to articles send them my way!

OK… back to puppy lovin’

all the best,


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Top 50 Mahalo Pages

  1. How To Sleep On A Plane
  2. How To Cure A Hangover
  3. How To Get A First Class Upgrade
  4. How To Play Guitar For Newbies
  5. Heidi Gill
  6. John Force
  7. Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo
  8. Vanessa Hudgens Pictures
  9. How To Set Up A Blog For Beginners
  10. How To Plan A Cheap Date
  11. Teri Rhodes
  12. Sarah Larson
  13. Haydn Porter
  14. Tony Allen Dead Stays Alive
  15. How To Download Free Music
  16. Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment
  17. How To Speak French
  18. Free Jena Six T-Shirts
  19. Vera Mishina
  20. iPhone
  21. Crank Dat
  22. Vanessa Anne Hudgens
  23. Devil’S Diary
  24. How To Write A Resume
  25. Penn And Teller
  26. Kyla Ebbert
  27. How To Make Perfect Sushi Rice
  28. Lindsay Lohan
  29. Samantha Brown
  30. Juanita Bynum Assault
  31. Ronald Goldman
  32. How To Get A Free Credit Report
  33. How To Make Sushi
  34. How To Speak Italian
  35. Israeli Bomb Raid On Syria
  36. Marcel Marceau Dies
  37. How To Speak German
  38. Veronica Belmont
  39. How To Deep Fry Anything
  40. iPhone Problems
  41. Jesus In Food
  42. Ron Goldman Crime Scene Photos
  43. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
  44. Bridget Moynahan Has Tom Brady’S Baby
  45. How To Speak Spanish
  46. Kelli Gallo
  47. Nailah Franklin
  48. Alicia Silverstone Peta Ad
  49. So You Think You Can Dance
  50. iPod Touch

MOUSE event in NYC on October 30th from 6-9PM

I’m really looking forward to the big MOUSE 2007 gala in NYC on October 30th… if you want to come, do buy a ticket now!

Windows toolbar IE developer…

We’re looking for a windows/IE developer here at Mahalo… anyone want to live in Santa Monica and be part of something really big??!??! 🙂

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International coverage of TechCrunch40

I’m trying to pull together all the international coverage of the TechCrunch40 event…. if you have any links please add in the comments!

The packed TC40 room… over 600 folks were in there for two days. I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat for next year!