Talking with Max Chafkin about his book on Peter Thiel

Max is a reporter at Bloomberg. Listen to what he learned about Peter Thiel here:

How to deliver a great customer experience | E1297

Make your customers love you. 20 minutes full of tactics guaranteed to make your startup more valuable (even if you just do one thing)

A new reinsurance model for forest fires | E1295

Rising temps are increasing the frequency of wildfires in California. 6 out of the 7 largest California wildfires ever tracked by the state were in the last 18 months. Nat Manning from Kettle came on the program to discuss how their team is modeling fire risks to prevent the insurance system from falling apart.

Lessons from Michael Dell on building a computing giant | E1293

Michael Dell built one of the biggest computing companies, starting in his college dorm room at UT. But it hasn’t just been a straight line. On the podcast, he talked about negotiations with Gates & Jobs, his massive take-private transaction, the biggest tech acquisition ever and so much more. Listen here:

OZY media scandal … & (separately) Clubhouse’s monetization challenge | E1292

This OZY scandal is crazy, we cover it in today’s show. Also, TWIST is increasing velocity, we brought on Ashley Carman from The Verge to discuss her new article from this morning. Listen:

How Squarespace Grew to 3.79 Million Subscribers with CEO Anthony Casalena

Crazy stories from scaling, marketing tactics that worked, the future of the platform and more with CEO Anthony Casalena

China’s reinvigorated crypto ban, plus a bunch of audience questions

A nice Friday news show to close out the week, thanks for listening

Turning Satellite Data into Actionable Info – Orbital Insight’s Kevin O’Brien | E1286

Governments, corporations and hedge funds alike all use Orbital Insight’s tech to make sense of what’s happening on the ground (supply chain, predicting sales, travel & more). Chat with CEO Kevin O’Brien here >>>

Growth Tech Stock Talk | E1281

Beth Kindig & Knox Ridley from the I/O Fund are some of the best growth stock investors these past few years (they even publish their audited returns). Certainly will learn a thing or two in this episode.

Listen to the episode

From Entourage to Investor, a conversation with Adrian Grenier | E1277

Chatted with Adrian about investing, his nonprofit, and acting. Plus, did a FounderU segment on product-market fit (want more of that sing up at