Doritos Pug is a Super Star!

Loved the Doritos “Pug Attack” ad. Cute animals and the Super Bowl just seem to go together.

“Rio” Super Bowl Ad Features Hidden Code

Check out the Super Bowl trailer for the upcoming animated comedy “Rio”:

Hidden within the trailer is a code that you can use to unlock a special level of “Angry Birds.” Use the code to enter a sweepstakes that could net you a free trip to Brazil for the film’s Rio de Janeiro premiere!

New “Cowboys and Aliens” Footage from Super Bowl XLV!

A trailer for “Cowboys and Aliens” shown during Sunday’s Super Bowl features brand new footage with stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. The movie, from “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau, doesn’t come out until this summer, but it’s definitely one of the year’s most anticipated.

Obama and O’Reilly Talk Egypt, Obamacare, Football

Prior to the Super Bowl today, Fox aired a short discussion between President Obama and anchor Bill O’Reilly. The questions ranged from Obama’s thoughts on the revolution underway in Egypt, Obama’s reaction to the common view of him as a “tax and spend liberal” and what he thinks the worst part is about being president. Obama and O’Reilly also discussed football briefly and who Obama is backing in the big game.

Keith Urban Somewhat Rocks the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

Some clips from Keith Urban’s performance at the Super Bowl Pre-Game show this morning. Keith played “You Gonna Fly” from his 2010 album Get Closer. What did you guys think?

VIDEO: Starcraft 2 Blizzcon Replays

If you’re really in Starcraft 2 you’re going to want to watch this amazing replays of matches from Blizzcon at MahaloStarcraft on YouTube! Also, check out the Mahalo Starcraft 2 walkthrough for n00bs!

Oh yeah, Mahalo owns the @videogames twitter account and is rocking out video games news daily.

Exit Polls 2008, election results 2008.

Quick break from blogging to let you guys know I just got back from BaROCKing the vote. Over at Mahalo we’re tracking exit polls for the 2008 presidential election and election results in real time. Plus we have a meta-list of Presidential Polls for 2008, as well as Early Voting information.

We’ll be tracking exit polls and election results for every single state as well…. I’ll make a list of these:

Los Angeles Hadoop User Group/Meetup (Santa Monica)

Developers might be interested in the Los Angeles Hadoop User group meetup: “we’ll be kicking off the new group with pizza and beer. It will be a meet and greet, we’ll discuss how we’re using Hadoop, what we’d like to get out of it, and what’s new on the horizon. Speaker TBD.”

October 14th in Santa Monica