Social Media Addiction: Why I’m taking a Twitter break

For the second time in the past five years, I’ve decided to take a break from Twitter.

I’m a functional Twitter addict, getting all of my work done and maintaining important relationships while spending far too much time on the platform. 

When I wake up, I check Twitter before my email and Slack.

Before I go to bed, I thrash among Twitter, podcasts, audiobooks, and playing chess.  

All day long, be it a workday, the weekend, or on vacation, I’m sucked into my replies, trending topics, and Twitter feed. 

I love it, but sometimes I love it too much. 

While I don’t regret the time spent there, it is a blocker to getting other things done, and while it’s worth it on so many levels, the truth is it can put even the most optimistic person in a foul mood. 

The amount of trolling and dunking, which can be entertaining, can sometimes become exhausting. 

So, I decided this week to focus on two media channels for the rest of the year: my podcasts and my next book. 

I’m still checking Twitter, and I will retweet things and like them, but I’m not going to reply to folks OR start new tweets. 

I will automate the sharing of podcast episodes and blog posts to Twitter, so folks know when new content lands, but for now, I’m going to clear my mind and focus on getting my passion — This Week in Startups — to consistently publishing 5x a week. 

Oh yeah, I also do the All in Podcast weekly now, so that means I’m doing six podcasts most weeks. 

Now, for most humans, six podcasts a week seems like a lot, but for me, it’s like going to lunch or dinner six times a week with the most exciting people in the world — in other words, it’s nothing. 

That’s a lot of cognitive work.

My current plan is to take the rest of the year off Twitter and focus on the podcasts (TWIST & All In) and the book while growing my two startups, and the LAUNCH fund. 

The last time I took off six months, I got the book ANGEL done, traveled the world to support it, and that little niche book sold tens of thousands of copies and was translated into 10+ languages … and my angel investing club ( grew from 1,000 members to 8,000. 

So, it’s time to write the book. I’m not ready to talk about the details yet (and I haven’t even sold it), but it’s going to be a barn burner.

Candidly, I’m more excited with you reading the book in the spring of 2022 than I am getting using Twitter right now. So, I’m going to follow my heart.   

best Jason

Note: I did a short audio piece on this decision last night on

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