Introducing Inside Security

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Today we’re launching our latest newsletter. This one requires a paid subscription, but if you sign up now we’re offering the first year for free: Inside Security

The newsletter is curated and written by David Strom, a veteran reporter who has covered network security, cybersecurity, and infosec for decades. These issues have always been important, but as more and more of our lives and society’s infrastructure moves online, security is going to be increasingly important. We’ll keep you informed.

If you’re a CIO, CSO, or anyone who works professionally in security, then this is a no-brainer. But anyone who works in technology or just wants to know a bit more about the security of their devices could benefit greatly from this newsletter.

We’ve been iterating on it in private beta with a group of 50 security experts, and have dialed in an editorial angle/process that we think you’ll find compelling.

Four asks:

  1. Head over to Product Hunt and look for Inside Security, and leave a comment or show your support (I’m doing a Q&A right now)   
  2. Subscribe:
  3. Forward to a friend who works in/cares about infosec and cybersecurity.
  4. Click to tweet to give your friends a free year of Inside Security (can edit before sending)

As always, post a comment and let us know what you think. – @jason

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