Introducing Inside VR & AR

Today we’re launching our latest newsletter: Inside VR & AR.

As you might have guessed, it’s just like the Launch Ticker (i.e. highly curated, in-depth, no bs) except it’s focused on news related to virtual/augmented reality.

If you’re an investor, work in media or in technology and want to know what’s happening with VR/AR, or you’re a VR/AR enthusiast – we think you’ll like this newsletter. We’ve been iterating on it in private beta with a group of 50 investors and founders who operate in the virtual and/or augmented reality space, and have dialed in an editorial angle/process that we think will resonate with you.

Four asks:

  1. Head over to Product Hunt and look for Inside VR/AR, and leave a comment or show your support (I’m doing a Q&A right now)   
  2. Subscribe:
  3. Forward to friends who are interested in VR/AR!
  4. Click to tweet a one-click subscribe card for Inside VR & AR (can edit before sending)

As always, post a comment and let us know what you think. – @jason

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