We asked 6,491 founders what they’re buying next year … here’s what they told us


We asked 6,491 (of the 15,000) people we plan on having at the Launch Festival this year what services they plan on buying in the NEXT YEAR.

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If you’re in the cloud computing, advertising, data analytics, legal, email, design, etc., space we’ve got thousands of folks who want to meet you.

In case you didn’t know, we run the event — which cost $1.5m+ to put on, at a break even (or sometimes slight loss), in order to support founders and inspire innovation.  

We can only make this happen because amazing partners like IBM, Sequoia Capital, Ludlow Ventures, WSGR, InVision, Localytics and SLACK help us throw the party.

You can join us as a partner by emailing me personally at jason@launch.co or filling out this form.

We really could use your support throwing the party … and hey, you’ll get a ton of customers for your product by helping us — that whole, win/win/win thing!

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