How to pick an incubator: YCombinator, Techstars, 500Startups, or Launch Incubator

As a follow up to my post on creating the best startup incubator in the world, I made a little video on why you should apply to the Launch Incubator and how we built upon the model of YCombinator, 500Startups, Techstars and others to build what is, far and away, the best incubator in the world.

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* Quick note: TechStars subscribes to my small class size theory as well, with a max of 10 startups per class.

** Quick note: if you’re a startup and you get into YC, TS or 500 you should go — these are all great programs. If you get into those programs and mine? Well, I think you should come to mine, but the best way for you to figure that out for yourself is to:

a) talk to the graduates of both programs

b) ask which partner will be your partner at the program (not just the figure head of the program who you meet 2-3x), and how do they compare to me. If you’re spending 12 weeks with Dave Cohen, PG, McClure, or Sam Altman directly, that’s a tough decision.

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