The best job for an audio/video genius in San Francisco!

16078702253_798ca60c79_kFor the past six years I’ve taped over 500 episodes of my podcast, This Week in Startups. We’ve had the most amazing guests on the show, from Travis at Uber (Ep180) to Peter Thiel (Ep525) to Chris Sacca (Ep291) to Glenn Beck (Ep526) to VC John Doerr (Ep520) to Anne Wojcicki (Ep521) to Reid Hoffman (Ep490) to Fred Wilson (Ep523) to Yancey at Kickstarter (Ep524) to Chamath (Ep480) to Evan from Twitter (Ep345) to Kevin from Instagram (Ep196) to Andrew from Groupon (Ep52) to Tim Ferriss (Ep484) … the list goes on and on and on and on.

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The show has massive reach and massive resources now. We tape in our own studio, we have the latest cameras, microphones and technology.

We have an Emmy-Award winning producer named Jacqui!

We do live shows that sell out in seconds with 500 attendees.

Most importantly, we have hell of a good time! We laugh and joke and sit in awe of the subjects we get to interview.

The show is doing so well that we are adding two full-time directors and video editors. We are looking for at least one with a lot of experience, and the second one can either have a lot of experience or a lot of hustle!

You can Apply here.

If you ever want to reach me and pitch me on working on my team, I have the email always open!

Working for me will level you up and you’ll have me as an advocate for life. I’ve invested in my alumni’s startups, and helped get my former team members the greatest gigs in the world. I’m loyal like a bulldog and I love seeing my people do their best work and go onto great things.


Working for me is like joining the Navy Seals: most folks can’t do it, but those who can go on to change the world — and push themselves to a level they didn’t even know they could.

This Week in Startups is pure joy at this point, with a ton of resources to do things correctly.

Join us as we tell these stories!

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