Know any stealth startups that want to launch at the largest startup event in the world — and who wants me as an angel?

On March 2-4th I’ll be hosting the 8th annual LAUNCH Festival. Hundreds of startups have applied, but I’m always looking for the ones who haven’t — and I need your help.

We’re looking for three types of startups:

— 1.0:  Brand-new startups that have no press (they can be live, but hiding in plain sight!).

— 2.0:  Existing startups that are going to launch a major new product or feature — that have no press.

— Crowdfunded: Startups that will be actively raising money on March 2-4th on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Tilt, etc.

If you know them, please email jason AT and cc brice AT

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