The Greatest Startup Event Ever Held


LAUNCH Festival (March 2-4) is going to be the greatest technology & startup conference ever held …

… and you can come as my guest.

No strings attached, I just need you to sign up today (because we are going to sell out soon!)

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Our speakers are so amazing we can tell you just their first names …

Naval from

Halle from RockHealth

Yancey from

Jeff from

Peter from Founders Fund

Joanne the Angel Investor

Cyan the Angel Investor

Sacca the Investor

Gary from Vaynerchuk Media

… and we have another dozen that we’re not announcing just yet.

How can we do an event at this scale without charging you for a ticket? We have the greatest partners in the world.

These partners — my personal friends in almost all cases — believe in our mission to create the greatest and most open platform for founders in the world.

I love our partners so much for making this happen year after year. Listed by level of support/years in a row of supporting!

  1. Thanks Andrew, Roelof & the team at Sequoia Capital — relentlessly supportive investors.
  2. John, Danielle, Rachel, Todd & the team from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, I thank you! A fabulous law firm that cares.
  3. Ryan and Caen at — you won the festival, I invested, and now you’re giving back by supporting the conference. That’s just huge! We thank you!
  4. Andrew & Tom at Verizon Ventures.
  5. Jarad and Adriaan at Icehouse Corp.
  6. Steven at Macy’
  7. Ben, Clark & Jeff at InVision.
  8. Jed at Javelin Venture Partners.
  9. Ana & Parker at Neustar/.CO.
  10. Shari, Jade, & Gabe at DFJ.
  11. Richard & Buford at Shortcutapp.
  12. Marissa at DreamHost.
  13. Daphne & Des at Intercom.
  14. Kyle at Get Invited.
  15. Charlie at Modulus.
  16. Ed at MessageBus.
  17. Tony at Expedia.
  18. Eric at Nordstrom Innovation Lab.
  19. Brad at FullContact
  20. Vuksan at .ME
  21. Jordan & Yaron at Sinch
  22. Sara & James at Firebase.
  23. Steven at MessageSystems.

best @jason

PS – LAUNCH your startup at the festival!

PPS – Start your startups at the LAUNCH Hackathon, with a $100,000 investment prize from me.

PPPS – We have a $1.4m budget to hit — we are halfway there! If your company can sponsor a couple of tickets, some coffee, a cocktail party, or the job fair, we would appreciate it! Every $14k = 1% covered … and access to 10,000 technology executives is invaluable!


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