Announcing “LAUNCH Office Hours” — every week in San Francisco

I’m getting well over 1,000 emails per week from awesome founders. Thank you, and I’m sorry I am not able to get back to all of you. It would take, literally, 500 hours — or a staff of 10 people — to reasonably process all this inbound.

I’m humbled by the number of you reaching out. Sincerely I am!

At this point I have time to personally meet with about 10 per week, so I’ve asked my team to meet with another 25 startups. They are then profiling them for me for potential follow-up, as well as inclusion in the LAUNCH Festival, the LAUNCH Incubator, This Week in Startups and the LAUNCH Ticker Pro. The LAUNCH Ticker Pro is a new product which profiles three startups per week. We send these profiles out to our fellow investors — the top people in the industry who trust our judgement.

If you’ve built a prototype and/or product, go ahead and apply for office hours at the easy-to-remember URL:

Note: If you have just a business plan or a bunch of ideas, we suggest taking the time to create mockups before you apply …  a mockup is worth a 1,000 PowerPoint slides after all.

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