AngelList syndicates, gadgets on planes and Launch of the Week! TWiST News Roundtable

A small provision of the JOBS Act means big money for startups. Companies can now advertise when they’re looking for investors. Angellist, a platform that connects companies with angel investors now allows backers through its syndicates program. Accredited investors can get a hold in on the deals of people they admire, and startups get more capital. For Launch of the Week, a look at video-collaboration app Jumpcam; Indiegogo tiny translator Sigmo, and Evernote’s new online market for physical goods (including socks). Plus, the FAA may soon allow gadgets during takeoff and landing, Blackberry going private, and all the buzz ahead of Twitter’s IPO. Farhad Manjoo of the Wall Street Journal and Gina Bianchini of Mightybell join us for This Week in Startups‘ Friday news roundtable.

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