WLITF: Private Jets for the Masses — A Surf Air Review

As part of my ‘we live in the future’ series, here’s a review of an unlimited private jet service for everyone.*

*And by jet I mean turboprop, and by everyone I mean upper-middle-class people.

Also, I talk about the ‘instant economy’ and the concept of ‘implied odds’ (from poker) as it relates to taking on big challenges like Surf Air is doing (the ‘what if it works’ section).


Took a Surf Air flight today (gratis), as I’m considering a membership to the ‘all you can fly’ service.

It’s day 16 of Surf Air’s ‘beta.’ I’m writing this on my Blackberry Q10. Yeah, the new Blackberry with the keyboard. It’s awesome. Not kidding, I love having a keyboard. ​Surf Air currently operates between the tiny San Carlos airport in the Bay Area and Burbank in the Los Angeles area. They’re going to add a bunch of cities to the membership including Santa Barbara (July 10), San Diego and Lake Tahoe.

It’s $1,650 a month for unlimited travel between their cities, plus a $500 one-time initiation fee.

My four to six monthly Southwest flights to the Valley make it almost a ‘push’ for me, as I pay $199 to $250 each way on average. If I do five flights, 2.5 round trips, I would nearly break even.

Now, as a disclaimer, I don’t like small planes. I can handle a small jet, but puddle jumpers and turboprop/regional airlines are not my thing.

Read the complete editorial on the LAUNCH blog here.

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