How should we do the ads in This Week in Startups

Having an interesting discussion with my pal Fred Wilson over at his blogs, in the comments, about the five minutes worth of ads, my intro and theme music.

Really good feedback, as I was just using this new “pandora for talk radio” App “Swell.” It’s a clever App where the amount of time you listen to a show defines how much you like it. That means we need to *start* with content and back load the ads a bit.

Note: one thing I hate about this Swell app is it *doesn’t* let you subscribe to my podcast AND they are turning off hyperlinks in my show description. That’s just lame, immature product design. Like we really don’t get what you’re doing there Swell team… you’re obviously trying to keep people in the App. That’s stupid and it makes me not want to promote you. For that reason I didn’t even include link to the App… see how that feels Swell team? Makes you feel crummy that I turned your link off in here? Think of all the clicks you lost!

That’s how I feel about your turning off my links.

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