The 20 Companies You’ll See at LAUNCH Education & Kids June 26-27, 2013

We’re proud to announce the 20 companies that take the stage at LAUNCH Education & Kids this week. Tune in for Jason’s fireside chat with Mitch Kapor at 1pm PT on Wednesday, June 26 followed by demos at (and again at 9am PT on June 27, when we kick off with Lynda Weinman of Our full agenda is here.


CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization that increases access to high quality educational materials for K-12 students all over the world. They offer free high-quality, standards-aligned, open content in the STEM subjects.


CollegeSnapps™ is a mobile application that connects students to their academic advisors. Through a series of live and prescribed interactions, it fosters engagement by allowing advisors to monitor a student’s progress and help the student succeed throughout college.


Crowdmark is a web application, with a paper-to-cloud bridge and a marking workflow that streamlines document assessment on a massive scale. Crowdmark helps teachers grade better.


Edthena is a platform that enables coaching for teachers anytime and anywhere. It brings observation and feedback online using recorded videos and specialized commenting tools. A teacher uploads videos of teaching and shares with colleagues who leave feedback at specific moments in time.

View the complete list here.

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