How Cozy CEO Gino Zahnd Landed A-List Investors Like Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk — and Me (!)

The last thing Gino Zahnd and his co-founder John Bragg wanted to do was take investor money for Cozy, a startup that makes it easy for landlords to collect rent and screen applicants. After all, they’d bootstrapped their very successful UX consultancy. But after extensive market research, they realized they were building a financial service and needed money to build a rock-solid product.

They then asked themselves, “Who are the investors who are going to help us the most and we can feel are a core part of team Cozy?”

Their first step was to hook up with Paul Bragiel of the accelerator i/o ventures. They didn’t need design or engineering mentorship: they wanted fundraising help. Through Paul and the accelerator program, they met Kevin Rose.

And how did they impress Kevin? “We opened up our laptop and said, ‘Here’s the problem we’re solving, here’s the market opportunity. We’ve done all this research, and we’ve got these 12 people who we’ve worked hand in hand with to build this piece of the product, and here’s where we’re headed,” Gino recalled during our interview for “This Week in Startups.”

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Gino Zahnd, CEO & Co-Founder of Cozy

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