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what a guest!

2:00 Hi everyone, we're excited to have Naval Ravikant, the co-founder of AngelList, with us on the program today.
2:003:00 How many people have raised money on AngelList?
3:004:45 When did the first A round get done on AngelList?
4:456:15 So you think moderate success is the hard part?
6:158:45 What's an actual, true overnight success?
8:4511:45 What do you think when you hear a story of someone like OMGPOP?
11:4512:15 Would AngelList have worked ten years ago? What were your prior attempts?
12:1514:30 How do you respond to the critique that weak companies are getting funded and there are too many startups?
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17:0019:15 So, when a lot of people follow a company but they don't close the round, how does the entrepreneur take that?
19:1520:00 So people are raising money from folks like Dave McClure?
20:0023:00 As an angel, what should I be doing? Should I join a VC firm?
23:0025:00 There are people who call themselves broker and will help you make deals. Is this normal?
25:0027:30 How do you respond to VCs who have tried to paint you in a negative light? What are the criticisms?
27:3031:00 So Obama's jobs act passed this week. What impact do you think that will have?
31:0034:30 I saw that Democrats were fighting this citing fears that people will get scammed. Is that a valid concern?
34:3035:30 If you could raise a million dollars every year, you could essentially fund a Facebook-like company within a few years.
35:3037:00 Is there a bubble in the angel space?
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41:4543:30 So how does the stock market affect things?
43:3043:45 Do you think you're creating more angel investors?
45:4548:30 What do you think the impact of the Facebook IPO will be?
48:3050:00 Do you think Kickstarter is going to start taking equity?
50:0055:00 Aside from disrupting the space and helping entrepreneurs, what is AngelList in the business of?
55:0056:00 If you force CEOs to take ownership of recruiting instead of outsourcing it, you get better results.
56:0058:00 What's your advice for someone who wants to put a company on the site?
58:0059:30 How big is your team now?
59:30-1:03:00 What's your goal in life now?
1:03:00-1:05:00 Is being a billionaire a goal for you?
1:05:00-1:06:45 Do you know what the SEC thinks of AngelList?
1:06:45-1:10:15 Have you had any bad experiences with VCs? What's the worst story you've ever heard about a VC interaction?
1:10:15-1:12:30 What do you think of the space we're in now? What does the future hold?
1:12:30-1:13:15 Naval, this conversation has been so amazing. Thank you so much for coming on the program. We'll see you all next time!

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