“Office Hours” stage at the LAUNCH Conference March 7/8

At the LAUNCH Conference on March 7th and 8th we’re going to host a
second stage for the first time.

discussion here:

The stage is going to be called “Office Hours with…” and it will
feature moderated Q&A sessions with only 50-75 seats in the room. Yes,
it’s a inspired by the awesome “office hours” format pionered by Paul
Graham of Ycombinator. 🙂

Each “office hour” session will be 40 minutes and it will feature an
all-star moderator like +Jason Nazar. I’ve reached out to +Mark Suster
and +Andrew Warner to be my other two. Three of the best interviewers
in my circle, and guys I can really trust with this very important
stage while I’m running the main stage.

Other notes about the “Office Hours” stage:

1. We’re accepting pitches for speakers… just email
tips@launch.is(put office hours in subject line please).
2. These will all be recorded and made available to the public in HD.
So, if you miss any of them you’re ok.
3. We’re going to these in groups of three.
4. We’re going to focus on angel investors and founders, but we’re
open to anyone you think would be helpful to hear from.
5. Seating will be first come. If there is a line we will clear the
room after every group of three speakers.
6. Yes, this will slightly take away from the main stage, but it’s
only 75 people out of the 2,000 at the event so it shouldn’t be
perceivable. And with our awesomely affordable ticket prices most
folks are sending 3-4 people.


a) who do you want to host office hours?
b) any thoughts for a fourth moderator?
c) any criticism or concerns?

best jason

tickets here:

there are still a couple of $1 tickets for under 10 employee and under
$100k in funding startups.

Also, I really need some help from sponsors and I lost my sales person
who quit on me over the holiday break with almost no notice eight
weeks from the conference… grrrrr…… if you’re interested in a)
helping sales or b) sponsoring the event email me jason@

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