$5 Billion in Product Launches in Five Years

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From: Jason Calacanis
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 1:09 PM
Subject: $5 Billion in Product Launches in Five Years

We are 86 days out from the LAUNCH Festival on March 7th and 8th, where 2,000 folks will come see about 40 amazing new products debut on stage.

And I want you to launch something awesome (or at least join us and be inspired)!

This is the fifth year I've hosted a LAUNCH event. Wow.

Dropbox, Mint, Yammer, ZocDoc, FitBit, TripIt, Red Beacon, Room77 and Powerset are among the amazing companies that I've been privileged to coach in rehearsals.

Those companies combined have a market cap of over $5B now.

In only five years!


Of course we can't take any credit for their success. They would have their success with or without the help of the conference, but my team is so proud to have played a tiny role in helping these juggernauts launch!

Now we're looking for the next 40 companies to make the debut… and I'm hoping you're one of them!

There is a rolling application process. This means we look at applications as they come in. Apply here: http://launch.producteev.com/home.php

Other important updates:

1. BOOKSTRAP TICKETS: We're giving 200 tickets to startups with under $100k in money raised and under 10 employees. (There is a $1 processing fee for these tickets). http://launchmedia.ticketleap.com/launch/

2. STARTUP TICKETS: Startups with 10 employees or more — or $250k raised — can buy a ticket for just $299 (what a deal!). It's important to support the conference, so please buy these. You can save money buying four tickets for $1,000, or ten tickets for $2,000 and send your whole company: http://launchmedia.ticketleap.com/launch/

3. TICKETS: Conference tickets are only $999. If you're a lawyer, accountant, big company VP, baller, investor, supporter, venture capitalist, head hunter or angel, these tickets are for you! They include seating in the VIP area, where you'll have an ethernet connection at your class-room style table PLUS waiter service. This means you won't miss any of the action, and you'll have power to charge your laptop and phone. Receive 10% off if you buy before January 1st: http://launchmedia.ticketleap.com/launch/

4. DEMO PIT TABLES: We're giving away the first 100 tables in our demo pit for just $500. That includes the table, four tickets, electricity and internet. That is less than our cost for the tables. To apply for one of these table click here. After the first 100 tables are sold the price will go to $1,500: http://launchmedia.ticketleap.com/launch/

5. SPONSORS: We can't put this show on without the support of sponsors. There are multiple levels available. Please contact partners@launch.is or call Jason Krute at (323) 639-3205 for more information.

If you have any questions just hit reply!

all the best,


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