Mahalo’s next iPad app: Learn Pilates (4th app!)!/id470318355?ls=1&mt=8Our fourth iPad app is out….. "Learn Pilates."

These apps are part "for dummies" text and images, combined with videos you would see in a DVD series.

We're testing the $1.99 price right now, but it seems that folks will easily pay $4.99 to $9.99 for these type of quality, HD apps since they are used to paying $25 for a book and $40-100 for a DVD set. 

The other three apps are Walkthrough for Angry Birds (you know, like those really well selling strategy books for video games), Learn Guitar and How to Draw app!!/id470318355?ls=1&mt=8

This is the beta of our platform–our minimal viable product–but it's actually better than 99% of stuff in the app store so we're happy with that. 

However, the next three or four months of development will really be much more innovative in terms of "made for the tablet" features. I'm sooo excited about the iPad, education and tablet computing. 

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