Great shows today: This Week in Startups, Web Design, & the Humor Me Finale!

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Good morning fans!

Today, on the This Week In Network…

This Week in Startups, 1pm PT

Startups is live at 1pm PT here: Tune in as Jake Winebaum joins us to unpack his dental-made-simple startup []. But don't go in unprepared! You can read more about Jake and right here: Then be sure to join us in the chats (we'll be on our channels on, and to pose your questions to Jake and give us your feedback!

We're also unveiling some killer new segments, so take a look at what's to come during the episode:
5 minutes in: Interview with Jake
28 minutes in: *NEW* Chart of the Week; this week we'll analyze "The Facebook Chart that Freaks Google Out"
45 minutes in: Ask Jason; this week, Jon Lefley, CEO of clickTAG, is calling because Facebook swiped his idea for a Timeline feature and he needs to know what to do about it
55 minutes in: *NEW* Guess that Startup! Can Jason, Tyler and Jake spot the real deals among the fake companies? Can you?!?!
If all that wasn't enough, we also have a big first planned for Friday: A Health and Fitness Devices Special! Join Ben Rubin, co-founder of Zeo ( and Jason Jacobs, CEO of RunKeeper ( for an in-depth look into the state of the health and fitness industry and the technology that's helping shape it.

We couldn't bring interviews with the most compelling founders in tech to you each week without the support of our awesome sponsors GoToMeeting (the best-ever collaboration platform, now with Skype-killer HD Faces!) and Hiscox (insurance providers and a startup's best friend). Be sure to thank @GoToMeeting [] and @HiscoxSmallBiz [] on Twitter for sponsoring @TWiStartups []!

This Week in Web Design, 2:15pm PT

Last week you saw Jose build on Aure's wireframes for the ThisWeekIn Web Design redesign, today the two designers battle live on the internet!  That's right, Jose and show favorite Aure Gimon will simultaneously riff on design concepts, competing and collaborating to see which is the wildest web design gunslinger of the west.  And of course, by watching live you'll pick up some great tips and techniques from two of the best designers going on the internet today.

If you missed it, Aure wowed the live audience as he redesigned the logo for SkyeCrue Media while Jose was talking design theory: you can see his level of expertise here:

We guarantee that you'll see expert level design theory in play when these two face off at 2:30pm PST today!

Humor Me With Ed Crasnick, 7:00pm PT
Tonight at 10pm EST/ 7pm PDT, the season finale of "Humor Me with Ed Crasnick," comedian Johnny Steele will join us. He's a veteran of the stand-up stage, television, and film, and is sure to give us all a good education on the art of comedy. We also continue our variety show extravaganza with musicians Kahlil Sabbagh and Ginger Smith. It should be quite a fun show and party, so much so that hopefully there will be an unexpected cameo by the Santa Monica Police Department! Either way, we hope you join us for "Humor Me with Ed Crasnick."

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Carolyn, Startups Producer
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