Mahalo 4.0 Press Roundup

We pivoted Mahalo on Tuesday in case you missed it. 

Here is a simple recap:

1. In Munich @ the DLD conference I take the stage for an emotional rollar-coaster about how Mahalo's failure in human-powered search lead to Mahalo's huge win in learning:

2. My killer development team made video about the product, and how and why they made it. I am so proud of them!  

3. We got a ton of ink! Interestingly, I've been told that TechCrunch boycotted covering the story. Which obviously means little in the grand scheme of things (they don't drive traffic compared to Business Insider, hacker news and social sources like Facebook and Twitter), but I have to say it feels so petty. My how they've fallen from an amazing resource to a gossip/vendetta blog. Now I know that what everyone was telling over these years, that Mike Arrington will attack you relentless forever for no reason, is true. 

Anyway, here's the honest and good people in business and news tech and their insights into our pivot.       

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