My latest idea: an *AUCTION* for 20+ ad slots on!

We are building a ton of shows over at, and we’re doing it faster than we can actually sell the shows (i.e. two sales people doing 25 shows!).
So, I asked myself WWGD with all this inventory?
Well, what google would do is host an auction! Thanks to a nifty little plugin we found for WordPress we are hosting an auction to buy 20 slots across the network!
If this works well we might just auction off all the inventory each week.
Right now the top price if $52!
best jason

Auction: Run-Of-Network Jan 16 – 22

This Week In is now offering 20 slots of unsold ad inventory across our network in an auction. The winner’s ad will be read aloud during our shows by our show hosts (see video below for examples) during the week of Jan 16 – 22.

Scroll down for current high bid and to bid yourself!

Here are the shows we’ll read the winning ad on:

Show Ave. views per episode
Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show 100,000+
This Week In Cars 60,000+
This Week In Comedy 30,000+
This Week In Movies 40,000+
This Week In Music 80,000+
This Week In Poker 30,000+
The Annie Duke Show 8,000+
This Week In Reality TV 40,000+
This Week In YouTube 300,000+
This Week In American Idol 20,000+
This Week In Books 20,000+
This Week In Video Games 50,000+
This Week In iPad 80,000+
This Week In Mobile 30,000+
This Week In Horror 80,000+
This Week In Cloud Computing 20,000+
This Week In Careers (about to launch)
This Week In Fashion (about to launch)
This Week In Marketing (about to launch)
This Week In Web Design (about to launch)

The bidding begins at an amazing $25! Auction ends Jan 14, 2011 at noon PST . When the auction ends, This Week In will contact the winner to coordinate delivery details, so be sure to fill in your email and phone number accurately below!

Here’s a sizzle reel of our host-read ads in action!

How Bidding Works:

When you bid, you’re bidding the *maximum* you would pay. If someone else has previously bid a higher amount than you, the system will automatically bid against you on behalf of the higher bidder already in the system — until you exceed their maximum bid, at which point, you become the new high bidder.

The system will notify everyone if YOU are the current high bidder, but it will not reveal to other participants how high you’re willing to go: that is concealed. The system will protect your first place status by automatically bidding against other participants until your maximum is exceeded (at which point you will be notified by email).

Note: The winner of this auction and specific shows and episodes of ad delivery shall be determined solely at the discretion of This Week In, Inc. We also reserve the right to reject ads that violate our broadcast policies (hate speech, etc.)

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