Anyone know VC Roundtable by Gloria Guenther?

Don't know anything about this event. Anyone out there know if this event exists and if it is a pay-for-play scam? — JMC
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Date: Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 3:19 PM
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I just read your two essays re: Keiretsu and other angel pay-to-players. Couldn’t agree more………

Here is another one that, in my opinion, is flying below the radar. It seems to be a one-woman show called VC – Private Equity Roundtable, run by one Gloria Guenther, “Executive Director”.

She has no address on her business card, only a personal phone number and a personal Email address. I believe that no web site exits.

She is located somewhere in Silicon Valley. She holds her monthly meeting in the auditorium at Xerox Parc, in Menlo Park. 

She charges $100 for lunch (A pre-packaged sandwich) for one time guests, and, if one is interested, a $1, 500 annual fee to attend future lunch meetings as a guest.

I believe she does personal prospecting for guests through local networking efforts.

The meetings start off with a presentation by a local VC success story, followed by elevator pitches from 3-4 local startups. The new firms must pay a fee (I’m not sure of the amount, but believe it’s in excess of $1,500) to make a presentation.

Keep up your efforts……………

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