Web 2.0 Summit (poker) on Monday and Tuesday

I will be staying at the Palace Hotel for Web 2.0 Summit in order to take meetings around Mahalo, angel investing and the LAUNCH conference on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. 

If you're looking to meet for coffee, please ping me jason AT calacanis.com. Potential reasons we should meet include:

1. You are a developer and want to work for Mahalo, ThisWeekIn.com or one of my angel investments.
2. You are a new startup and want to launch at the LAUNCH Conference on Feb 23rd and 24th 2011 in San Francisco.
3. You want to be a partner/sponsor of the LAUNCH Conference! 
4. You are a startup seeking angel investment and want to show me your product!
5. You are a large media company with a lot of capital and traffic, and would like to help grow Mahalo from 20M monthly uniques to 50m. 🙂    

Note: We will NOT be playing poker with a bunch of CEOs and VCs at 9PM Monday and Tuesday night. Even if we were, there wouldn't be any seats open. 🙂


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