Today in Decision Making: USAIRWays tosses the handicapped

Yet another example of intelligent people acting without common sense… someone make this into a web series please. Watch the video below, it’s mind-blowing.

US AIRWays, if a handicapped person is traveling alone and needs help getting off the plane in the case of an emergency:

1. Anyone on the plane could potentially help them.
2. You could simply ask anyone on the plane if they would be willing to take on this responsibility for the duration of the flight–I’m certain half the plane would raise their hands instantly.
3. Finally, no one knows the┬álimitations of being a handicapped person more than, ummmm, a handicapped person. Why not ask them the absurdly stupid question “You’re not as mobile as someone who doesn’t have TKTK handicap, as such are you ok with the fact that you might have a hard time getting off the plane if it crashes?” I mean, I’m sure the handicap person doesn’t realize that they are not as mobile as everyone else right? Seriously, why can’t this person simply make the choice for themselves and sit in a non-exit row by the window–where they are not slowing anyone down?

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