Keiretsu Forum PAC NW we r coming 4 you. $2k to pitch!? #scam

Just got an anonymous tip that Keiretsu Forum is still charging in Seattle (the PAC NW). 

This will be ending very soon now that Open Angel Forum Seattle is starting up and has 25 amazing angels lined up. 

We will not stop until every Keiretsu Chapter folds. 🙂

best jcal


From: Polli DeWalt []
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 2:05 PM
Subject: Keiretsu Forum update and funding


We hope all is well and that your fundraising is going well. We are writing to see if you might wish to give a live, 3-minute due diligence update at any of our upcoming Keiretsu Forum meetings in the PAC NW. This will include a

2-page information update in the booklet, an opportunity to collect additional sign-ups on the gold sheets, and 3-minute live PowerPoint presentation of between 5 and 10 slides at the meeting.

We are also asking you to provide a 2 page summary outlined in the “K4 2 Page Update Packet Info” Word Doc. Attached.  This benefits you and is highly recommended that you submit one to us.  In the essence of time please briefly update me with your current Due Diligence status and where exactly you are in the process- we want to relay your success to interested investors.

If you decide to give a 3-minute due diligence update to our over 200 Keiretsu Forum member investors, the fee is $500/ chapter for a total of $2,000 if you plan to provide an update at all 4 meetings.

Here is the upcoming schedule of Keiretsu Forum meetings in the Pacific


Northwest Area:

November Pacific Northwest Area Keiretsu Forum Meetings

Boise, Tuesday, November 9 (AM), Bellevue, Wednesday, November 10 (PM),

Seattle, Thursday, November 11 (AM), and Portland Friday, November 12 (AM).

December Pacific Northwest Area Keiretsu Forum Meetings

Boise, Tuesday, December 7 (AM), Bellevue, Wednesday, December 8 (PM),    

Seattle, Thursday, December 9 (AM), and Portland Friday, December 10 (AM).

Best regards,

Harry Lee
Entrepreneur Director – Keiretsu Forum Seattle/Northwest
(206) 529-3687 ext. 102
(206) 600-7849 Fax

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