Jamie Siminoff: Simple ideas, great domain names.

Had an amazing guest, Jamie Siminoff, on This Week in Startups on Friday. I’ve learned a lot from Jamie about keeping it simple, having a great domain name and moving fast.

This one is really worth watching, especially since we’ve (finally!) upped the quality of our video on YouTube. Turns out for the last six months or so one of our former techs was downgrading the video before uploading it to Youtube…. you know, so they could save time and make it look like there was mud on the lenses of our HD cameras….. but I digress!

Also, sadly, Lon Harris is moving on and this is his last show as newsreader. Starting next week I will rotating people in and out until we find a permanent replacement. Many thanks for the hard work, good times and exceptional results that Lon has brought to TWO of my companies (Mahalo and ThisWeekIn.com). Lon earned his “Calacanis MBA” while being tortured mentored by me for the past four years. Your company would be lucky to hire him–but please no offers under six figures! email lon AT thisweekin.com to hire him fast!!! He’s not going to last on the open market.

We’re almost to show 100…. and folks are wondering who will be guest #100: Mark Cuban? Evan Williams? Mark Pincus? Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs? Tim Armstrong? Mike Arrington?

10 thoughts on “Jamie Siminoff: Simple ideas, great domain names.

  1. Go get him!!!!

    Lon + MySpace Salary + MySpace Audience = Huge Win!

    I’d love to see Lon wind up at a large internet company like MySpace, Break.com, DailyD.com or Bestcovery.com

  2. Hiya Jason, so I am your no 1 fan in Africa, South Africa, Cape Town to be specific. As for the new site design, going from old school to new school, nice. As for the 100 ep which I cant wait for and looks like will be this year. Wow so in my opinion.Marc Cuban – will be amazing, especially as you mentioned he is a backer of Mahalo, a huge tech guy, seems to love the video space. And I love his blog, and you guys are friends so will be a great friend type show.Evan Williams – Also will be amazing, how twitter and the real time web is changing the overall web landscape. What his role now is in twitter. Is he backing away a little or still going to be as hands on. Look at Jack Dorsey for example. Does he have any non-twitter plans.Mark Zuck – Oh my freaking word that would be a dream of mine. I follow both you guys and feel you are both major tech innovators and would love the beef to be resolved. Your issues are valid, and you are transparent about them. I would love you guys to work it out. For the sake of peace I guess. It seems too personal at times.Steve Jobs – Okay this one would prob be my no 1 choice. In a sentence – If businessman can be artists him and Bezos are among the business artists of our lifetime.Tim Armstrong – Heard him speak plenty this year so not sure how much new stuff I will learn here but hey maybe he can give something excited about how he thinks AOL can excite me.Mike Arrington – Same as Zuck, sort out the beef, although that ones seems way too personal. Again I follow the both of you guys and learn from all these guys so will be a very intense and entertaining one.Cant wait. Keep ripping it up sir and thanks for all thew amazing content and value you add.My personal passion right now is eductaion and feel that you cant loose in creating inituitives to educate Africa. Africa is getting close to 1 billion people, and a high percentage are un educated.A screen, tablet, internet connection could equal education. Its my dream to educate Africa. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope byWilliam Kamkwamba proves that.Thanks Tyrone

    1. I thought this was the best episode in months. I wish he’d named the VC firm that screwed him though. Also, I’ll miss Lon. Nobody else so far gets the newsreading process. He seemed to understand it intuitively. Keep up the good work. Thanks for a great show.

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