Five killer domains I own… looking for technical co-founders.

Five killers domain I own (and what I paid): (5k) (to help in hawaiian) (70k) (20 means location on radio) (40k) (as in, "…. A day.") and (10k)… wanted to do a green blog.

If there were technical founders who wanted office space, angel backing and me as a founder/partner, I'd consider using one of the domains. You would have to be willing to live/work in Santa Monica (a really nice place to live fyi), I'd be open to any pitches.

i had my own ideas for each domain, but with Open Angel Forum booming (8 cities, 24 events a year… going to 12 cities, 36 events per year next year), Mahalo booming (20m uniques a month) and on fire (25 shows, $1m run rate, 14 employees in < 6 months) I'm too busy to lead new companies.

oh yeah, i'm hosting the launch conference on Feb 23rd and 24th and launching the email newsletter. so, that's like five companies in a year on top of my 15 angel investments a year.

ping me jason at

(note: i can't sign any NDAs or anything, i invest in a lot of companies, etc. so please don't think that any idea you send is really that important… what i really need is good ideas and a great teams in great markets. most ideas iterate and pivot… so really i'm looking for technical co-founders who want to own some equity over time in a killer idea based on one of my killer domains. also, i have some killer ideas for them). 

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