REVIEWS ARE IN! The Annie Duke Show is a hit!!!

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From: Brian Cooley
Date: Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 10:29 AM
Subject: Twit Reviews for The Annie Duke Show Debut show
To: Jason Calacanis

Just wanted to share some of the Reviews via Tweets about the new show……

Michael Witham 7 minutes ago — Just finished the Annie Duke Show on
This Week… She’s a natural, uber-intelligent and has
compelling insights! Annie Duke for 2012…

NoeyJagel: @AnnieDuke I really dig your show.

zachwoodward: @annieduke Love your show on this week in. Can’t wait to
see more! cc: @anniedukeshow

Veeksman: @AnnieDuke Great show, it was rich with information and
ideas! Everyone thought it was too short though…

CaseJackPoker: @AnnieDukeShow early review: Annie is a natural in
front of the camera, witty, quick on her feet. Interesting debut with
lots of potential

chroniclesofTim: @annieduke great show, looking forward to the next
one. Keep on truckin’

sajeffe: @anniedukeshow Very good show. I hope more people will watch
next time. Excellent topics, guests, and convo. Well done!

da5e_: @AnnieDuke Great show! I got introduced to This Wk In
from@kevinpollak ‘s chat show.Now I have 2 great shows to look forward
to every week.

TroyXero: Just got through watching @annieduke ‘s show. Very well
done. *applauds*

EdCrasnick: @AnnieDuke Annie, you’re a terrific host who’s able to
pull off a magenta desk. You’ve made me rethink my antisocial media

sheeplols 2 days ago  — It’s hard to tell that this is Annies first
show, she’s a natural.  Great content but you guys really need to
upgrade the studio furniture though.

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