Jason Calacanis Email Address


I’ve created this post for folks who are trying to reach me by email.

It turns out that one of the top search terms referring people to this
website is “jason calacanis email.” However, my email isn’t listed
anywhere on the blog.

My email is jason AT calacanis.com or jason AT mahalo.com.

Before you email me here are some ideas to rise about the noise that
has become my inbox (which gets 300-500 emails a day).

1. Keep your email short and to the point. The shorter and more blunt
it is the easier it is for me to understand how I can help, and the
greater chance I’ll be able to respond.
2. Follow me on www.Twitter.com/jason and www.JasonNation.com so you
are up to date on what I’m up to.

Potential Investment: Social Network for Bulldogs
Mahalo Partnership: SEO service to get you #1 rank for any term
ThisWeekIn Partnership: Amazing guest for your show–me!
Job: I’d like apply to be CEO of Mahalo

These subjects line really help me filter stuff and connect you with
the right people to get your issue taken care of.

Other people who can help you in my organization (consider CCing):

— Krute: the general manager of Open Angel Forum and LAUNCH
conference. krute AT openangelforum.com
— Jacob: for technology at Mahalo. jacob AT mahalo.com
— Jason Rapp: President of Mahalo. jason.rapp AT mahalo.com
— Mark Jeffrey: CEO of ThisWeekIn.com. mark AT thisweekin.com
— AskJason on This Week in Startups: askjason AT thisweekin.com

Anyway, I hope this post doesn’t come across as conceded or
egotistical. Then again, I guess any blog post explaining how you
should communicate with a person is, by default, obnoxious. Many
apologies. 🙂

all the best,


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