CLASSIC: 10 Star Wars Commercial from the 80s (C3POs cereal! Bobafett!)

Lazy Sunday continues with 10 star wars commercials from the 1980s
that you’ll remember if you’re over 35! What’s amazing is how
innovative these toys were.

1. C-3PO Cereal Commercial… WIN!

2. Empire Strikes Back with a C-3PO that you can take apart!

3. Rebel Snowspeeder — genius

4. Vintage Boba Fett Slave 1 with Frozen Han Solo

5. Hoth Ice Planet

6. Star Wars Wampa / Tauntaun … slice it open and put Luke in the
“open belly rescue feature!”

7. The Repo Band

8. Bespin Guard, Lando & Boba Fett!

9. Collectors Case!

10. And the Darth Vader Collectors Case… you have to love the kids

… OK, I have to get back to… well…. doing nothing this Sunday!

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