Can I get some honest feedback on "Mahalo Video Games Today?" on YouTube

We're testing doing a weekly/bi-weekly video games update on Mahalo's HUGE video game youtube channel. This was just a test but it feels like it came out fairly good. 

What would you rate this on a scale of 1 to 10? 
What did you like?
What could we improve?
What length should it be?

Thanks for the feedback! 

10 thoughts on “Can I get some honest feedback on "Mahalo Video Games Today?" on YouTube

  1. Just talk normal. The sing songy G4 reporter voice is not working. Can’t fake passion. Get a real gamer with passion for this nerd stuff.

  2. I disagree with Paul (who wears sunglasses in his picture, how original). She’s fine.
    It’s a video game review… she does a good job, she’s snappy, bubbly, snarky and cute.
    It’s quality… well done.

  3. 1.What would you rate this on a scale of 1 to 10?
    2.What did you like?
    Excellent production value, news summaries, the music that changed between each story.
    3.What could we improve?
    Reading the prompter seems very wooden. I enjoy TWIVGs because of the more relaxed nature of it. Not enough PC stories for my taste.
    4.What length should it be?
    If it’s only for YouTube it should be the length of ThisWeekIn Youtube video as opposed to 5+ minutes. I have no problem with the length but most on YouTube do.

  4. As what it is, which is something I wouldn’t watch, it needs music to match its pace. It’s a bit like E-TV or something.

    I like the idea of a video games news show though, and as much as I might hate them, annotations as links to the Mahalo content could help at appropriate points, if they aren’t overdone.

  5. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Although there are a lot of
    game review publishers, Mahalo is a trusted content source.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing release dates and seeing potentially
    a few still images / screen shots if possible.

    Nonetheless; I think it’s a very good idea!

  6. Overall, not bad. Might I suggest a co-host or guest segment. It got monotonous listening to the same person for the duration of the video. Good starting point, though.

  7. *needs some lower thirds (animated ones – for URLs and game info/headlines etc)

    *she needs a little more room to breathe in between stories for a ‘what she thinks’
    improv section..without teleprompter.

    *graphics (slide in images) should be larger and have transitions

    *lose the story headline in almost transparent text in the lower right of the screen

    *add cool intro

    -just some ideas, glad to see you entering the world of gaming. shoot me an email if you
    need help creating other videos

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