VIDEO: Sinead O'Connor circa 1992, A brave visionary.

When I was 21 I watched this video live on SNL and it hit me deeply. As someone who grew up Catholic I knew exactly what she was talking about when she discussed child abuse, war and then ripped up a picture of the pope and said "fight the real enemy,"

It's well worth watching this almost two decade old video today and thinking about the decades of suffering and coverups by the Pope and Church in the systemic raping of thousands of children.

After that video Sinead O'Connor's career was ended–literally. 

They would not play her on the radio and when I went to the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert at MSG with my pal Charlie they booed her off stage. These were BOB DYLAN fans that booed her off stage… sickening.

On top of raping children and covering it up for decades, the Popes we were taught to blindly follow over the last couple of decades were also:

1. anti-gay in the age of Mathew Sheppard (for those of you under the age of 30 read this: )
2. anti-condom and safe sex in the age of AIDS
3. anti-women in the age of…. well…. ummm… basic human rights?

Hopefully 100 years from now history will remember the brave little girl who stood up, and was taken down, for doing the right thing.

Love you Sinead.  

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sinead O'Connor circa 1992, A brave visionary.

  1. If you want some deep background on what you are up against,
    read “When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome”
    by Richard E. Rubenstein. It covers the early history of the Catholic
    Church, which most Christians are unaware of.

  2. As someone who’s had a friend who was abused by a priest and was one of the first
    who came forward and reap all the hate from people who didn’t believe him, I have been sickened by the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, I’m embarrassed. Therefore, I’ve not been back to a Catholic Church since.
    I refuse to be a part of a hateful and decietful system that puts wealth, money and power
    before its people.

    Kudo’s for you to bring up the O’Connor situation. The woman was
    completely onto something and had her hands on the pulse of the problem even back
    then…It’s a shame that people didn’t understand what she was trying to convey. But as
    you’ve stated, time will correct that — Howard Stern actually mentioned something about
    her this week.

    Good post…

    Oh, I actually was amused by your dressing down of Lon on TWiST. As someone who
    runs a business (a small one), I can completely related to your frustration. Sometimes
    the people around you simply fall into “oh, the boss won’t care” mode because you become
    too friendly and too nice. It’s good to once in a while remind them who sings the paychecks
    and who’s really taking the risk.

    Unlike the Jater’s out there, I’m a fan.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, thanks for posting Jason! She was rail-
    roaded by the ignorant masses, and it wasn’t right. She
    sacrificed her career to say what _had_ to be said. Thank you

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