twitpic is screwed

twitpic is screwed

6 thoughts on “twitpic is screwed

  1. oh, not just Twitpic. This is the beginning of the end for most, if not all 3rd party clients that built their entire “business” around Twitter. The new design comes just in time for Twitter – they’ve “lured” (whether they like this terminology or not) tons of developers which on their turn helped them grow – and now they’re taking that piece of the cake for themselves.

    Traffic, onsite stay and pages/visit will soar – that’s a first step toward monetization.

  2. We just covered this exact issue on TheSocialGeeks tonight. I would say no after listneing to the argument from someone at Justin.TV. You are still using Twitpic on the backend, they will jus tneed to adjust how the images are embedded on the Twitter pages.

    Listen to Episode 29 of TheSocialGeeks starting 9/16 when I publish

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