A personal exchange with a Jason's list reader…

> 1) I loved the idea of a video network and you have a different take on
> things than Leo, so I think you should keep developing your network
I’ve put a CEO and Creative Director in charge of ThisWeekIn.com, and I raised a small angel round for it. They have a list of 30 shows to roll out, and we’ve done 17 of them. They have a run rate of about $1M right now (think just shy of $20k a week in advertising), and I think in year they will have 30 shows and $40k a week in revenue.
The team over there doesn’t need me on the day-to-day operations. They’re qualified enough to roll out the shows, keep the quality level high and innovate. My role is really to make sure that the plan is on target and that they have what they need.
> 2) No writer will be you. Not even the people you mention. And all of them
> would be diluting both their own brand and your brand by writing with you.
> Writing with someone else is NOT easy. Writing every two weeks by yourself
> is not that hard. Hire the intern/researcher and be done with it.
I respectfully disagree.
There are plenty of writers in the tech space who are as good as I am (Arrington, Om, Blodget, Kara), and there are a number I would say are better (Levy, Markoff, Mossberg). That might sound egotistical, but I’m fairly good at calibrating talent and being introspective. This is an important trait in my mind.
My vision for this is to have someone who is sharp, driven and focused, and who can take my writing and in ideas and help develop them. I would do the same with pieces they would originate. There is an opportunity to create a common voice, but it is difficult.
> 3)Do the membership only forum/network and let people discuss Big Ideas with
> each other rather than just giving you feedback.
They would network with each other, and the writers.
> 4) Don’t look for so many things to do. London will only be young once.
I agree, and the good news is I work from home every morning and spend tons of time with her. I’ve got an amazing President at Mahalo (Jason Rapp), and we’ve actually figured out a way to run the business while being able to take care of our families. He runs the show in the early hours, I run the show later in the day. When he’s on the road I’m in the office, and vica versa.
It’s a super cool system.
> 5) I have been following you since Silicon Alley Reporter. Long enough to
> know that you have said you weren’t going to do any more blogging, speaking,
> whatever, and sooner or later you come back to them. Don’t strain your cred
> by making grand pronouncements and then, oh whoops, reconsidering:-)
> I love you man. Stay as sweet as you are, and keep sending those long,
> thoughtful, impassioned pieces. Whenever the mood strikes you. But I think
> you are bored with Mahalo or something. You have to focus on something to
> build it, and you can’t multitask businesses. If you could, Kevin Rose would
> still have Pownce going.
Thank you for following my projects… that really means a lot. Whenever I meet a SAR reader/subscriber/fan I’m touched. That was a wonderful time wasn’t it?
I have ADHD and OCD–it’s true. 🙂
However, I look at them like super hero powers and I own them. Yes, I can bounce from project to project and idea to idea, but my focus can also get absurdly laser like. I’ve stopped talking about Mahalo publicly right now because we’ve got a couple of things that are really working and i don’t  want to tip my cards. However, when Mahalo 4.0 comes out this fall/winter, you’ll see me back in carnival barking mode. I’m not bored with Mahalo at all, I’m actually more excited about it than ever. We’ve got an amazing core of users, a killer team, real revenue and a killer road map leading up to the M4 launch.
My guess is next year Mahalo will be in the top 100 sites, and the year after the top 50. That’s my goal: get content site into the top 50 US trafficked site.
I posed this exchange on my blog (without your name). 🙂
best j

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