My official statement on the @leolaporte controversy. #twit #twist #twi

Yesterday, and earlier today, Leo Laporte made on-air statements that he was not happy with my use of the “This Week In” format of shows.
Someone posted a video of it on YouTube.
Obviously I’m shocked, and to be honest a little hurt, by this since I consider Leo a friend, mentor and a long-time collaborator.
Some background for the record
1. Leo gave me his blessing for starting This Week In Startups and for doing my “This Week In” Network.
2. I offered Leo the domain name before I bought it.
3. I would have never used the domain name without his blessing–this situation is EXACTLY why I cleared it with him in advance.
4. I’ve invested over six figures in the company and brand. My intent is to launch 30 shows in this space of three years.
5. I admire and respect Leo. I will not get dragged into a big public fight with him. I respect him, and myself, too much.
6. There are 500 possible “This Week In… ” shows either of us could do. There are also dozens of other folks doing independent TWI shows for the past couple of decades.
Some solutions I’ve proposed
1. Leo can have first shot at any topics. There are so many topics we really don’t need to fight over them.
2. I will partner with Leo on advertising sales for our two networks. Right now I’m guessing Leo gives 30-50% of his advertising revenue to his 3rd party ad network. I would give him 100% of his sales and take zero–yes 0%–of the advertising we sell for his network. If he sells into our network he could take 25%. The reason I would do this is obvious: we are much stronger joining forces as partner on advertising then apart.
3. We would partner with him on any shows he wanted to jointly. Can you imagine how amazing a DAILY show would be with Leo and I as hosts? I think our chemistry is second to NO ONE on This Week in Tech with the exception of Dvorak. When we’re on This Week in Tech together it’s powerful, funny, insightful and controversial–everything you want a RADIO show to be.
all the best, jason

105 thoughts on “My official statement on the @leolaporte controversy. #twit #twist #twi

  1. Jason I although you’re obviously very succesful, I also get the impression that your are a guy that has some deep-seated integrity.

    Whether or not Leo gave his blessing surely you can see this is just not right? My recollection is that you asked Leo for permission on a live show. This is a very high pressure way to ask someone to make a decision that could have a profound impact on their business in the future.

    I would like to hear podcasts from you, but you seriously need to think about re-branding before spending any more cash.

    I agree with a previous poster though in that I think Leo is doing far too many podcasts himself now. Since starting Twit Live the quality has certainly steadily fallen, and shows such as Twit and Macbreak Weekly are shadows of their former selves.

  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but…

    Jason has now registered “”.

    You really take the cake Jason. Stealing Leo’s livelihood like a bandit. Nice, man. Real dick move.

  3. Here’s a suggestion to all domainers— buy up every possible topic beginning with “thisweekin—-” and “—–answers”and sell them to Weblogs, Part II in 4 or 5 years.

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