This Week in Startups Watching Parties/Meetups #twist

A bunch of super fans have asked me about doing This Week in Startups later in the day so that they could host a "TWIST Meetup" or watching party. As such, I'm wondering what the @TWIST superfans thing of:

a) Having #TWIST @ 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern on Friday.
b) Would you host a watching party/meetup?
c) In what city would you host and home many people do you think would come?

best j 

3 thoughts on “This Week in Startups Watching Parties/Meetups #twist

  1. a) great, Saturday at the same time would work well too
    b) definitely, I don’t have my mac mini hooked up to a HD projector for nothin!
    c) Baltimore. Would start smallish (5-10 people) but would hopefully get more people interested in watching the show

  2. Later in the day ain’t good for your international audience.
    I think it’s already kind of difficult for most of them to try and see the show when you record it.
    I guess it kind of depends on what your advertisers want, what audience do they want?
    And do you want want more or less people from Europe or other countries calling in?
    I couldn’t care less about having a party.

  3. Having lunchtime or close to the end of the day (PST).

    Yes, we have already talked about hosting a small party.

    Party would be in Newport Beach.

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