STUNNING: SharesPost Launches Venture-Backed Index (Zynga 2.6B!)

Greetings from SharesPost:

This is a quick update on our community’s recent progress. Since November, we’ve doubled the membership again – you’re now connected on SharesPost to over 15,000 fellow buyers and sellers of private equity. Activity on the bulletin boards is also ramping up significantly – just since the beginning of the year, members have directly connected in negotiations for the sale of over $276 million worth of stock. In short, SharesPost is solidifying its position as the largest, most active marketplace for private company shares.

Launch of the SharesPost Venture-Backed Index

We are pleased to announce the launch of the SharesPost Venture-Backed Index, the first index to track changes in value of leading, private companies.

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Cur: 111.13
Chg: 5.64%
Facebook Facebook $11.96B Shares_list_neutral_arrow 0.00%
Lindenlab Linden Lab $383M Shares_list_down_arrow -0.96%
Linkedin LinkedIn $1.41B Shares_list_up_arrow 5.24%
Seriousmaterials Serious Materials $222M Shares_list_down_arrow -2.39%
Teslamotors Tesla Motors $1.63B Shares_list_up_arrow 27.23%
Twitter Twitter $1.47B Shares_list_up_arrow 2.42%
Zynga Zynga $2.61B Shares_list_neutral_arrow 0.00%

Our index uses our transaction and research data to track changes in the value of a portfolio SharesPost listed companies. To learn more, visit the Index on SharesPost or read about in any of these articles:

New Research Providers

We have also added three new research providers to our platform: Blueshift, GigaOM and Research 2.0. Now you can gain insight from seven different research firms representing more than 60 different analysts and more than a hundred different research reports.

Highlighted Bulletin Boards

In addition to the SharesPost bulletin boards you’re probably already familiar with (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), we wanted to call your attention to these recently added companies: Digg, eSolar, Eventful, Lifelock , Playdom and TheLadders.

We hope to see you on SharesPost soon!

Best regards,
Greg Brogger, Founder & CEO

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