New Mahalo Profile pages based on Cassandra are up!!!

It's a crazy, big ambitious project and we're ahead of schedule! Right now I would say we are 60% done, which means in 2-3 years will be a top 25 site. We're super excited with the progress to date. 

Here is a brief overview of how it is going and what exactly we're making:

1. We are building great reference-style content like Wikipedia, About or Engadget (Topic pages if you will, like )
2. We are attaching that content to a vibrant Questions and Answers forum ( )
3. We have a virtual currency call Mahalo Dollars that makes working in these two areas like Farmville for Content Creators. See our upcoming store attached! 
4. We now have profile pages like Facebook that allow you to track you and your friends activity in the system.
5. We are tracking what questions and content you are good are answering and creating. Just like Vark and Quora do. 

The service is really starting to come together… thanks for all the feedback and support!