Olympic Hockey Bracket 2010 http://bit.ly/aq7hdy


Both a men’s and women’s ice hockey tournament are being held at the
2010 Winter Olympics. All hockey events are at the General Motors
Place, home of the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League,
and the UBC Winter Sports Centre, both in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. The women’s tournament, containing eight teams, began on
February 13, with the gold medal game on February 25. The men’s
tournament, featuring 12 teams, started on February 16 and conclude
with the gold medal game on February 28.4

Each began the tournament by playing in the preliminary round with
each team facing the other three teams in their grouping. The teams
were then ranked, with the top four teams qualifying for the playoff
round. As the men’s tournament includes more teams, the remaining
teams will compete in a secondary round to earn one of four additional
spots in the playoff round. The top two teams in each bracket will
play in the gold medal game while the next two runner-ups will compete
for the bronze medal.5

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