VIDEO: AXE says Please clean your balls guys! #funny

BRILLIANT VIDEO: AXE say “Gentleman, please clean your balls.”

from Mahalo:

On January 11, 2010 Axe released their Clean your Balls campaign. The
2.45 minutes long video, which was uploaded to YouTube, promotes the
new Axe Detailer in a parody of TV Home Shopping commercials.

The Axe Detailer is meant for cleaning man’s balls, but in this
commercial, is demonstrated on cleaning all kinds of sport balls. Even
though there is no actual reference to man’s genitals, the commercial
is highly suggestive.

The commercial starts off with a typical TV Home Shopping setting: A
studio with desk, a big “AXE” decor, and enthusiastic public. After
the tune, a enthusiastic woman wearing a tight shirt, called Denese
Saintclaire (Spokesperson) walks on stage and addresses the viewer.
She introduces her co-host, Monica Blake, ex-Tennis player.

The two explain the importance of having clean equipment, and
demonstrate how normal soap and sponge won’t clean a dirty soccer
ball. Next, the Axe Detailer is introduced, and demonstrated on two
golf balls. After some light scrubbing, the balls are indeed clean,
and Monica hands them over to Denese. A very suggestive scene follows,
where Denese slowly rolls the balls through her hands, ending up with
“”Wow… I can play with these balls all day!”

The following scenes allow people from the audience to challenge
Monica, and breezes through the callenges of cleaning some “fuzzy
balls” and a “Ball sack”. Ultimately, an old man enters the stage,
asking: “monica, can you help me with these dirty balls?”
The man hands over two old, deflated, muddy balls, and Monica gets to
work. When done, the man gets back two shiny, inflated as-new balls.
The crowd goes wild! The commercial ends with an overview of the Axe
product line, and a telephone number, which can be dialed:

The “Axe Detailer” is a giveaway by Axe, who will hand out a limited
number them weekly, starting 1/4/2010.5

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