BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant, Facebook just lost half its value.

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From: Jason Calacanis
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 1:42 PM
Subject: BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant, Facebook just lost half its value.

BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant. Like ground-breaking,
game-changing brilliant.

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My 30 second review of Google Buzz:

1. Google Buzz 1.0 is better than Facebook after six or seven years.

2. Facebook’s history is one filled with stealing other people’s
innovations and doing them better (i.e. Zuckerberg has stolen every
idea Evan Williams and the Twitter team have released). How ironic now
that Google has out “Facebooked” Facebook. Google

3. Google has excellent privacy record and Facebook is a disaster.
Most folks do not trust Zuckerberg and Facebook any more because of
their privacy record (filled with lawsuits) and because they steal
every good idea they see (i.e. Twitter’s innovations and FourSquare’s
checking in).

4. Google Buzz auto generates your network–this is MUCH better
process than Facebook’s.

5. Google Buzz is way faster than the sluggish Facebook–this is a
HUGE advantage.

6. Google Buzz puts relies and updates into your GMAIL as
threads–this is BRILLIANT and a HUGE advantage.

Facebook is going to see their traffic get cut in half by Google Buzz.

This really is game over for Facebook because you know Microsoft and
Aol are going to copy Google Buzz as quick as they can. In fact, Aol
would have a HUGE renaissance if they simply knocked off Google Buzz’s
exact feature set. You would than have a reason to keep your @aol
email address.

This could actually derail the Facebook IPO. It’s that serious.
Facebook usage is going to plummet in the next year or two because of
this. There really is no reason for non-game playing people who use
GMAIL to log into Facebook.

If Google Ads social gaming to Google Buzz Facebook is 2012’s Pointcast.

Wow…. this is just stunning.

OK, questions to the smart folks on the list:

1. Have you used Google Buzz?
2. How is Google Buzz better than Facebook?
3. What advantages does Google Buzz have over Facebook?
4. What advantages does Facebook have over Google?
5. Did you see this coming?
6. What do you attribute Google’s recent string of AMAZING products
including: Chrome, Android, Nexus One and Buzz?

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Google Buzz is brilliant, Facebook just lost half its value.

  1. this is all just imho, of course, but here goes

    friendfeed does just about everything buzz does better, and does a lot more!

    friendfeed’s features are still better to me, and the threads come into my normal gmail inbox… or there’s the desktop notifier. The list and groups (and imaginary friends) features of friendfeed are features that haven’t been done anywhere else in a manner that I find satisfactory (facebook’s lists are actually ok though). And to top that all off you can embed a friendfeed post anywhere you have html access!

    go to my site & my blog to see examples of friendfeed embeds
    on my site i’ve got a big friendfeed embed
    and on my blog subdomain some of my blog posts are friendfeed embeds

    eventually this comment will make it into backtype and appear on fiendfeed where i might then embed it on my blog

    i’ll stop now, i think i’ve explained myself

  2. Be interesting to see how this pans out – Google can take
    Buzz in pretty broad spread of directions. Wouldn’t be a
    surprise if you’re right about people migrating to Buzz and
    leaving Facebook in the next couple of years. History shows
    that despite people claiming that there’s huge barrier to
    switching social networks; in fact, it doesn’t take much for
    groups of people to get bored with one service, and migrate
    en masse to a new one.

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