Bush "miss me yet?" billboard is real… photos:

  • A picture of a billboard featuring a picture of former President George W. Bush and the words "Miss Me Yet?" began circulating via e-mail on Monday, February 8, 2010. At first, many assumed that the billboard was a photoshopped image, however it was confirmed to be real and stands along I-35 near the town of Wyoming, in the state of Minnesota.

    Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio confirmed seeing the billboard along I-35. The mayor of Wyoming, Sheldon Anderson, said he has received a lot inquiries over the Bush billboard but said he did not know who set up the billboard or who paid for it.5

  • "Miss Me Yet?" Themed Gifts, Mugs, Bumper Stickers and T-Shirts
    As of February 8, 2010, the person or group who paid to set up the "Miss Me Yet" George Bush billboard remained anonymous. The "Miss Me Yet" meme has been popular on the Internet for quite some time. It is popular among some conservatives and Republicans and is often in the form of a website graphic that is shared on social networking sites. A commenter on TheRightPerspective.org blob states that a neighbor inTexas has a smaller version of the billboard as a yard sign. Zazzle.com, a website that allows users to create their own novelty items, features a variety of "Miss Me Yet" Bush items ranging from bumper stickerscoffee mugsT-shirts and mouse pads.7

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