VIDEO of Open Angel Forum!

3 thoughts on “VIDEO of Open Angel Forum!

  1. INCREDIBLE video! I have a feeling that video is the “shopper”. and it’ll get PICKED UP! either way a win-win-WIN. “I see you” Jason, if I may say – come across so approachable on the uStreams and ofcourse the tweets, but we know you’re more serious than serious business. I’m in superDUPER fan awe.

  2. and I’m a real life second degree black belt (took home silver at International Tae Kwon Do Championship in 97′ at UC Irvine ONLY because I was unattached) AND wanted to kick Steven Lopez’s a** when I was 13 because I knew I WAS THE BEST IN TEXAS! Suddenly, this comment feels slightly off topic..

  3. Most Importantly! We thank you for fueling entrepreneurship the way it deserves to be fueled AND REPRESENTED! I no longer have any intent on watching “Shark Tank”, although I’ve only watched one episode in full..that’s one episode in full more than ANY OTHER REALITY show.

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