iPad vs. a Rock

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  1. RE: Standard ports… That’s not quite correct. The Camera Kit
    accessory allows you to upload from your own camera via USB or
    SD card. What is the big deal about it not taking a photo when
    we all have so many digital cameras we can upload from already?
    Do you really want to be taking a photo with your sketch pad or
    with your pocket digital camera, or SLR and just upload to iPad?
    I am not going to walk around, taking photos with a clipboard.
    Geez, people. Get over the camera thing… It’s still cool, and
    so NOT a rock. Please, the humor is over for me. Can we just
    move on?

  2. I love ya Jason but this is a little corny.

    And you know there is an adapter kit sold straight from Apple for USB and SD cards. Of course this is just for connecting cameras and getting photos on the iPad. But seriously, what would you plug into the USB port? Did you complain when the iPhone doesn’t come with a USB port?

  3. You can make a tool out of the rock that can be used to hunt food and build shelter out of materials from your surroundings.
    Like to see you try to build a shelter or hunt game with an iPad.

  4. “But seriously, what would you plug into the USB port?”

    Who would ever need more than 640K of RAM?

  5. No really, name a device you want to plug in via USB? A mouse? Keyboard is via dock or bluetooth. A Flash drive? Nobody is listing anything.

    This is like when Apple dropped Diskette drives and the Super Drive in the MacBook Air. “OMG What’s Apple doing?! We NEED those!”

  6. but seriously who’s gona carry around an oversized iphone that doesnt even have the same amount of features of an iphone. Also its the same size as those net book pc’s and it cant do 1/8 of what that can do.

  7. “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”

    1) Apple releases a new product in a category they haven’t been in before
    2) Tech press and thousands of “me too” followers bash the device as useless, ridiculous, nothing new, missing this feature or that
    3) Product is released and not only sells in ridiculous quantities but continues to sell more and more
    4) Users find the device eminently useful and when they run into someone that bashes it look at them sadly like they would a confused child
    5) Bashers finally give in and buy one, realizing that it was that much better than what they were using or attempting to compare it to

    I have to say my favorite comment has to be, “Will they ever learn?” I am still unsure if he is talking about Apple or their critics. Because with over $15 billion in sales and record sales/profits for YEARS now I think it is pretty obvious that Apple has learned and learned well.

  8. The more I talk to people about the iPad the more I think that this might end up being bigger than the iPhone.

    Two things stick out most:

    1. Females who are not Apple “fan-girls” love this device as it is.
    2. The iPad will be the new Kitchen and Living Room computer.

    And when it’s not on it will be a digital photo frame.


  9. @Josheph Lewis: If it’s not on it will be off.
    @Chris P.: Nobody should need to tell you what you need to plug into a USB port. External hard drive comes to mind considering the tiny storage these things come with. And are you really ok with Apple stick on a proprietary port so that they can force you to go buy their proprietary adapter for something as universal as a USB connection? With all the add-ons required to make this thing useful the $500 base price is useless.
    @C. Proppe: People want the camera for video conferencing, not walking around taking snapshots with a clipboard.

  10. “Two things stick out most:

    1. Females who are not Apple “fan-girls” love this device as it is.”

    Can you install iBrate or MyVibe on it too?

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