VIDEO: If it's true folks are being fired for my joke I feel terrible.

It was clearly a joke and I thought people got it. All the feedback I got on Twitter was that folks–the top people in the industry–thought it was a joke. It was only until I woke up the next day that I found out that the Wall Street Journal, CNN and the New York Times had printed my joke as reality. 

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: If it's true folks are being fired for my joke I feel terrible.

  1. I’m not a top person in the industry, no am I an elite twitterer – but when I ran across your tweet and began to follow I believed that you hand a pre-release of the iTablet – now know as iPad. Sure the notes about shaking the tablet to feed your animals on Farmville as a bit suspicious, but that is the type of interaction and game-changing development that Apple releases. You knew in your gut that what you were doing was wrong as a prank. – using the adrenalized hype to further your personal gain.

  2. Solar Panels & Farmville

    I am not a big Loren Feldman fan but in this case he’s right. You made a joke and did nothing wrong.

  3. You should feel terrible. Very terrible. What you did was far worse than what all of those idiots do on April 1st.

    And most of all, it wasn’t funny.

    It wasn’t in the style of the Onion. It wasn’t a joke. It was a hoax. There’s a difference.

    YOU were supposed to have some credibility as a blogger, analyst, commentator, reporter, whatever. You lost it all this week.

    You also damaged the reputation of bloggers in general.

    I will no longer take anything you say as something that could be serious or credible again.

    As a matter of fact, I don’t believe *this* post of yours. It’s entirely possible that someone gave you a BS tip and you yourself bought it and then tried to claim it as your own inside information…if it was right, you would’ve come across as the one person who was a beta tester, and stood up to Apple by leaking the information.

    I don’t know why you did what you did…just to get hits? Just to become the clown of the industry? Or are you that far out of touch with how out of control your ego is? Seriously, you need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself who you really are and what your are to your followers. For most of us, you’re now known as the iPad hoax guy.

    I wish you the best, but you blew it big time here and should use this opportunity to retire from the industry for a while and spend time with your family.

  4. I don’t understand why you are so surprised.. it’s not like
    you are known for doing things like this so of course people
    are going to take you serious. And since when are you so
    against apple?? I remember you praising them around the time
    you were starting Mahalo.

  5. If they are publishing without doing due diligence then it’s their own fault even if it is unfortunate.

  6. I saw the tweets as they came out and as someone that does not
    own a single Apple product even I knew it had to be a joke. Solar
    panels! really I don’t know where these reporters learned their
    craft but they need a refresher course.

  7. It is perfectly natural to feel sorry if some hack got fired, but it certainly did not happen because of you. They are getting fired for their poor journalistic work. I mean they are republishing Twitter. I wonder if they owe you some royalties too, not sure how is it setup with twitter if you still own the copyright or the twitter owns it all.

    Anyway, for the state of the main stream media one only needs to read this:

  8. I say way to go Jason! Our media is pathetic in this country.
    You caught them out and now they are using “guilt” to punish you
    for their obvious lack of basic research skills.

    Don’t let them get you down.

  9. You’re a goddamned idiot if you didn’t know it was a joke.
    I’m a sysadmin for 15 years and I was laughing my ass off at
    his Twitter posts.

    Grow up people.

  10. I am in more disbelief over the tears from all the uncritical thinking people, than you who are crying ‘unfair’, are in disbelief over Jason’s (what I believe to be a genuine pre-launch bit of fun) tweets regarding the then-yet unannounced iPad.

    I mean common, switch your brain on and do some fucking research yourself.

  11. A lot gullible folks swallowed @jason ‘s jest – hook line and
    sinker … If something bad happened as result, that’s
    unfortunate. Jason puts alot out there (see the big comscore
    kerfluffle last week, and paid VC sh*tstorm a few weeks prior)
    – personally I applaud him for his efforts
    and cajones. The industry could use more like him.

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