Social Media Lesson 37: How to add 20,000 followers in two days.

14 thoughts on “Social Media Lesson 37: How to add 20,000 followers in two days.

  1. You mock people who talk about the number of followers they or you have. Then you pull stunts to add them (the iPad tweets were excellent and not intended to increase followers, I get that) and brag about the number of followers you have. What gives?

  2. Leave it to you to be so self-congratulatory about an idea that is so painfully obvious. This “lesson” is one that a child in first grade could teach. People like free shit. Get owned!

  3. Just re-enforcing what most of the media world is saying about you,
    minus the cherry-picked positive comments you choose to repost.

    How far down does your smug, shamespiral descend?

  4. Love how many people are giving you shit yet they savor ever letter that comes out of your computer.

  5. Always doing it big! Jason: You look ten years younger than you did in
    the film August. What’s up? Better angle photos or hitting the gym? 🙂
    I’d like to know THAT secret!

  6. I only came here to see what all the fuss was about. I’m
    certainly not sticking around — first impressions last etc.

    BTW, your comment textbox is broken. It won’t wrap the text
    and I can’t see what I’m typing without adding manual line

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